Welcome to Secret Lake.  We are a group of dedicated fishing enthusiasts who plan their days around wind, temperature, and frontal conditions, and where all else is secondary. 

Secret Lake is a fisherman's dream and could be any one or more of Wisconsin's 15,000 inland lakes.  Using the right methods, Secret Lake provides unlimited opportunities for a good outing.  The people who know of Secret Lake honor its name, and do not readily volunteer the methods needed to fish it.  They are learned by trial and error. 

When the fishing is good, problems can arise.  When scoring is tight, somehow our group finds creative ways to justify what is a "legal" catch, and scoring those "missed opportunities" as valid catch.  How these instances score as a catch is beyond comprehension.

A scoring system was needed, one that was fair yet rewarded the angler who was willing to experiment with different techniques, and one that allowed an individual to capitalize on fishing opportunities.

In the summer of 1997,  Bob O'Neill (a local long time angler and friend) often kept track of catches with bonus points assigned to them for various accomplishments.  This idea has been restructured a bit , but the concept of bonus points is beneficial in terms of improving overall fishing skills.  Bonus points allowed the angler to be more focused on fishing for the conditions, versus on fishing for a species.   

Because of a new twist on how we score success, it challenges our methods, preparation, intuition, and skill, by creating a tournament environment for a variety of species.  Because of the scoring methods used, shear numbers of fish don't always win an outing.  The scoring rewards anglers who produce quickly, substantially, and with diversity.   This challenges an anglers knowledge base for all species of fish and using a bonus points system that keeps things interesting.  See Rules and Scoring for more information.