1. The species allowed are Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Muskellunge.
2. Size limits must established for each species of prior to the start of the event.  Scoring for "biggest fish" is dependant of the size of the actual catch over the size limit for that species.  It is recommended to set higher limits to simplify tracking scores for high activity areas.
3. For a fish to be scored it must be boated and measured.
4. If a fish is improperly handled and killed when releasing, points are not awarded.  A fish may be kept and is only scored if it is presented alive at the time of final scoring.
5. Artificial lures only.  While live bait fishing is allowed to make fishing interesting, it is not an allowed method for scoring a catch.  The goal is to force technique in lure presentation and its effectiveness.  The only exception would be the use of suckers by all parties for Muskie fishing.
6. Bonus points are awarded for each day of fishing (see scoring link for more information.)  For events lasting over a period of days, daily points totals are added for each individual to determine a winner.  A fishing day is defined as starting at 12:00 am and ending at 11:59:59 pm.
7. If an event is held over a span of days, daily scores are tallied with added bonus allowed for the day.  The total points for a participant carry over and added to the totals for the next day.
8. Participants must fish the same lake at a time, but event can cover multiple lakes in a given day provided all participants move to the same lake at the same time.  Should parties break away, no points are awarded to any participant for the time period they are separated in different lakes.
9. All participants will demonstrate good sportsmanship and agree not to falsify results or intentionally mislead other participants of the conditions of parts of the lake.  The intent is to promote a better understanding of lake structures, effective patterns, and overall knowledge.  The information gathered from multiple participants covering a body of water provides a more comprehensive overview of a lakes potential.
10. Have fun and stay competitive.  After all, that is why we are out here in the first place.