Unlike most fishing events which look at total weight, our rules are based length. To help increase the survival rate of fish caught, we will be looking for length only as this measurement is quick and easy.   Outings are catch and release.  Participants can set their own limit sizes for each species prior to the outing.

The second difference is that we add a bonus point system.  This allows for some interesting strategy decisions for total points accumulation.  Bonus points allow the angler to take full advantage of all the opportunities the lake has to offer, and to encourage a variety of presentations. 

1 Point


Each Fish

Awarded for each fish that exceeds established size limits.


Recognition for productivity.

Each legal game fish (see rules link) scores a point.  Bonus points may also be applied below.
1 Point Bonus Eager Beaver

Awarded to the angler to catch the first fish that exceeds the preset size limit for a given species.


Recognition for preparedness of equipment,  quick read of conditions, and to quickly establish an effective pattern.

Be wary of the first hour muskie jinx.  Catching a legal muskie within the first hour on the water tends to be the only fish of the day.
1 Point Bonus FIGJAM    

Awarded to the angler who catches the largest fish over the established limit for a given species. 

If there is a tie- no additional point is awarded.


Recognition for demonstrating expertise by landing the largest fish for a given species.



Example: Limits are established as 16 inches for a Largemouth Bass, and 32 inches for a Muskie to be valid scores. 

If the largest Bass caught was 22 inches, it is 6 inches over the limit.  If the largest Muskie caught is 36 inches, it is 4 inches over the limit.  The Bass wins the Largest Fish point.  

1 Point  Bonus Grab Bag 

Awarded to the angler who catches the most varieties of fish. 

(Fish must be one of the allowed species and at or above the size limits for that species.)


Recognition for ability to master skills over a variety of species and ability to read multiple patterns, structure, and lake conditions.

Example:  Angler 1  catches a legal Small Mouth, Large Mouth, Walleye, and Muskie.   Angler 2 catches 3 legal Muskies and 1 legal Northern.  Angler 1 caught four species and Angler 2 caught 2 species.  Angler 1 is awarded one bonus point for best variety.
1 Point Bonus Two-Fer

One additional point is awarded when on the second cast after landing a legal fish, a second legal fish is caught. 


Recognition for identifying additional opportunities in a given spot.

Not restricted to the same rod and bait.
1 Point Bonus Jumpin' Jehosaphat

One additional point awarded to the angler who mastered a most difficult or exciting catch.


Recognition for time well spent on the water.

If this is not agreed upon by all participants, then no point is awarded.